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The Pilot and Demonstration Technical Team is to ensure that lessons and experiences from pilot projects are captured and analyzed with a view to support the move towards the development of sub-national approaches as part of a national Cambodia REDD+ programme. The team should support the development of guidelines for possible REDD+ sub-national approaches as part of a nested approach in a national framework including recommendations for demonstration sites.

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  • A Joint Field Trip and Meeting of Safeguards and Demonstration Technical Teams

    The Cambodia REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat organized and supported a field visit and third meeting of the safeguards and demonstration technical teams in Mondulkiri province from 28th to 31st May, 2014. The field visit was led by Mr. Chhun Delux (Forestry Administration) and Mr. Nguon Pheakkdey (Clark University/ Royal University of Phnom Penh). The visit also received strong facilitation supports from the Forestry Administration (FA) Mondulkiri Cantonment, FA officers stationed at Seima Protection Forest Headquarter, CAM-REDD, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and villagers from Andoung Kraloeung. The field visit was participated by a total of 25 participants, including representatives from the ministries that are members of the Cambodia REDD+ Taskforce, staff from the UNDP and CAM-REDD.

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