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The United Nations Collaborative Programme on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (UN-REDD Programme) was created in September 2008 to assist developing countries, like Cambodia, to get ready for REDD+. The number of partner countries of the Programme is continuously growing. Currently, there are nearly 50 UN-REDD partner countries.

The UN-REDD Programme builds on the expertise of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to support the partner countries in their REDD+ readiness efforts. The Programme brings together technical teams from around the world to develop nationally appropriate approaches, analyses and guidelines on issues such as measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of carbon emissions and flows. It helps countries to put in place suitable policies and measures, to develop decision-making tools on land use that consider the multiple benefits of forests to people and national economies, and to design sound benefit distribution systems.

More information on the UN-REDD Programme can be found at: http://www.un-redd.org/

What does UN-REDD Support in Cambodia?

The UN-REDD Programme in Cambodia supports implementation of the Cambodia REDD+ Readiness Roadmap. In this regard, UN-REDD works in close cooperation and coordination with other national level REDD+ initiatives such as Cam-REDD and the FCPF. All of these initiatives pursue the same set of four critical outcomes to get Cambodia ready for REDD+, namely:

  • Outcome 1: Effective National Management of the REDD+ Readiness process and stakeholder engagement in accordance with the Roadmap principles.
  • Outcome 2: Development of the National REDD+ Strategy and Implementation Framework.
  • Outcome 3: Improved capacity to manage REDD+ at subnational levels.
  • Outcome 4: Design of a Monitoring System and capacity for implementation.

Within this framework, UN-REDD has helped to establish and build capacities of national level bodies such as the REDD+ Taskforce, Taskforce Secretariat, and Consultation Group. It is supporting the identification of viable REDD+ strategies in all the major forest types in Cambodia; it is providing support to several demonstration projects that are generating lessons on sub-national implementation; and it is building capacities for national MRV and monitoring systems.

The UN-REDD Programme Document and Annual Reports can be found here

For more information, please contact the Chair of the REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat at: redd.secretariat@cambodia-redd.org

Analysis Report of Gender and REDD+

Cambodia was one of three countries involved in a joint UN-REDD/LEAF analysis of gender and REDD+ (the others being Sri Lanka and the Philippines).  Relevant outputs from this regional initiative can be found at the following Workspace locations:

PEB Meetings

9th PEB Meeting (24 Feb 2015)

Project Executive Board sets ambitious agenda for REDD+ in 2015

The Ninth Meeting of the UN-REDD Programme and the FCPF Project Executive Board was held in Phnom Penh on 24 February 2015. Members of the PEB include representatives of the Forestry Administration, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Ministry of Environment; UNDP; FAO; UNEP; Indigenous Peoples; civil society organisations; representative of the embassies of Japan and Norway; development partners such as JICA, the EU.

H.E. Dr Chheng Kimsun, Director General, Forestry Administration as Co-chair of the PEB in his opening remarks noted significant progress related to REDD+ activities during 2014. He specially noted the progress on the National REDD+ Strategy and was pleased to see that the first draft was already available and a roadmap for consultations and finalization of the REDD+ strategy had been evolved.

The PEB has set itself ambitious goals and targets that includes presentation of the National REDD+ Strategy and the reference emission level at the UNFCCC COP21 that will be held in Paris in December 2015.

Co-chair Claire Van der Vaeren, UN Resident Coordinator in her remarks supported the consultative process to generate high level support for REDD+ from all relevant ministries in Cambodia. She stressed that the REDD+ strategy should ensure that voices of forest dependent poor, indigenous peoples, women, elderly and youth are heard in the consultations.

The PEB approved the annual work plan and budget for the FCPF project, noted the achievements of 2014, and noted the approval of the CBR+ national strategy for Cambodia and looked forward to its implementation. The PEB have also taken note of the arrangement between UNDP and FAO for the implementation of outcome four of the FCPF project.

The PEB also approved the terminal evaluation of the UN-REDD Programme that will begin in April 2015 and looked forward to reviewing findings and recommendations at the next PEB meeting as an ongoing process of strengthening the REDD+ programme in Cambodia.

  • The minutes of  the 9th PEB Meeting (EN)
  • Cambodia UN-REDD National Program Assets as of 31 December 2014 (EN)
  • All Annex of the 9th PEB Meeting (EN)
  • RTS News on the 9th PEB Meeting (EN)

Documents for display (During the 9th PEB Meeting)

  • Working Paper-Tree volume and biomass allometric equations of Cambodia (EN)
  • Working Paper-National REDD+ Strategy (EN)
  • Working Paper-Costs and Benefits Analysis of REDD+ Implementation in Cambodia (EN)
  • Working Paper-Designing transparent and accountable fund management  arrangements for REDD in Cambodia (EN)
  • Working Paper-Land cover and forest classification systems of Cambodia (EN)
  • Working Paper-Recommendations on the land and forest classification system of Cambodia (EN)
  • Working Paper-Recommendations on the preparation of the GHG inventory in the context of REDD+ in Cambodia (EN)
  • Working Paper-Satellite imagery dataset and index maps for the forest monitoring system of Cambodia (EN)
  • Working Paper-Preliminary review and approachable to develop a system for allocation of incentives and benefit sharing for REDD+ in Cambodia (EN)
  • Working Paper-Preliminary review and approach to develop a Safeguards Information System for REDD+ in Cambodia (EN)
  • Working Paper-Towards the design of REDD+ Grievance System in Cambodia (EN)

8th PEB Meeting

  • Minutes of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex I: Presentations of the closed session (EN)
  • Annex II: List of participants (EN)
  • Annex III: Agenda of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex IV: Document 1 Progress Against PEB-7 Decisions (EN)
  • Annex V: Document 2 Revised structure of RTS and FCPF (EN)
  • Annex VI: Document 4 Taskforce Decision on Coordination Mechanism (EN)
  • Annex VII: Document 5 Response to comments from IPs (EN)
  • Annex VIII: Document 6 Update on communications (EN)
  • Annex IX: Document 7 Add. 1-Concept Notes (EN)
  • Annex X: Document 7 Progress Summary in Q1 and Q2-2014 (EN)
  • Annex XI: Document 8 Delivery Rate End of Q2-2014 (EN)
  • Annex XII: Document 9 SOP of FCPF (EN)
  • Annex XIII: Document 10 Consideration non-cost extension (EN)
  • Annex XV: Document 10 NCE workplan (EN)
  • Annex XVI: Document 11 Assets purchased with UNDP funds (EN)
    • The Open Session
      • Presentation 1: Summary-PEB8 Meeting (EN)
      • Presentation 2: Progress made by MRV/REL Team (EN)
      • Presentation 3: NFI development (EN)
      • Presentation 4: WCS participatory forest monitoring (EN)
      • Presentation 5: Mangrove monitoring (EN)
      • Presentation 6: Progress made by Safeguards Team (EN)
      • Presentation 7: Effective engagements with local stakeholders (EN)
      • Presentation 8: Community based biodiversity assessment and safeguards by FFI (EN)
      • Display of Posters (Link)

7th PEB Meeting

    • Minutes of the meeting (EN)
    • Annex I: List of participant (EN)
    • Annex II: Agenda of the meeting (EN)
    • Annex III: Progress Against 6th PEB’s Decisions (EN)
    • Annex IV- Progress Update (EN)
    • Annex V- Request for Comment-Decision (EN)

6th PEB Meeting

  • Minutes of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex I: List of participants (EN)
  • Annex II: Agenda of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex III: Progress against the 5th PEB’s decisions (EN)
  • Annex IV: Tracking SOP compliance (EN)
  • Annex V: New indicators for result framework (EN)
  • Annex VI: Report on implementation of UN-REDD communications strategy (EN)
  • Annex VII: Progress and achievements in 2013  (EN)
  • Annex VIII: Priority activities for 2014 (EN)
  • Annex IX: Concept note on how the PEB as an info sharing center for REDD+ (EN)
  • Annex X: Follow up on the 5th PEB decisions on review of indicators (EN)
  • Annex XI: AWP 2014 of UN-REDD (EN)
  • Annex XII: Presentations for the 6th PEB meeting (EN)
  • Annex XIII: Record Comments on Minutes  of  the 6th PEB meeting (EN)

5th PEB Meeting

  • Minutes of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex I: List of participants (EN)
  • Annex II: Agenda of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex III: Follow up from the 4th PEB meeting (EN)
  • Annex IV: Comment from Thomas (EN)
  • Annex V: Comment from Hiroshi (EN)
  • Annex VI: Recommendations from CSOs (EN)
  • Annex VII: Request for comment decision (EN)
  • Annex VIII: Presentation on programme progress (EN)
  • Annex IX: Revised indicators (EN)
  • Annex X: Record comment on minutes of the 5th PEB meeting (EN)

4th PEB Meeting

  • Minutes of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex I: List of participants (EN)
  • Annex II: Agenda of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex III: Presentation on progress against the 3rd PEB meeting (EN)
  • Annex IV: Presentation on programme progress (EN)
  • Annex V: Presentation on propose to drop output 2.5 (EN)
  • Annex VI: Record comment on minutes of the 4th PEB meeting (EN)

3rd PEB Meeting

  • Minutes of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex I: List of participants (EN)
  • Annex II: Agenda of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex III: Presentation on progress against the 2nd PEB meeting (EN)
  • Annex IV: Presentation on AWPB 2013 (EN)
  • Annex V: Presentation on AWP UN-REDD 2013-14 (EN)
  • Annex VI: Record comment on minutes of the 3rd PEB meeting (EN)

2nd PEB Meeting

  • Minutes of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex I: List of participants (EN)
  • Annex II: Agenda of the meeting (EN)
  • Annex III: Presentation on overview of selection CS&IP representatives (EN)
  • Annex IV: Presentation on inception report (EN)
  • Annex IV: Presentation on AWPB 2013 (EN)
  • Annex V: Presentation on programme and progress (EN)
  • Annex VI: Presentation on Q4 WP 2012 (EN)
  • Annex VII: Record comment on minutes of the 2nd PEB meeting (EN)

1st PEB Meeting

  • Minutes of the Meeting (EN)
  • Annex I: List of participants (EN)
  • Annex II: ToR on UN-REDD PEB (EN)
  • Annex III: UN-REDD AWP 2012 (EN)