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The Cambodia REDD+ Taskforce was established by Decision on Establishment of Cambodian REDD+ Taskforce, No. 87 of the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, dated February 26th, 2013.

The REDD+ Taskforce will act as the primary coordination and decision making body across government.
The mandate of the Taskforce is to:

• Manage and Coordinate a process of strategies and term of reference (ToR) for implementation of a project
• Manage and Coordinate the implementation of the programmes
• Coordinate and make decision for pilot project implementation
• Monitor results of project to ensure they are consistence with current context of Cambodia
• Report of project implementation to Minister of MAFF every month

The Taskforce is chaired by the Deputy Director General of Forestry Administration, and vice-chaired by the Deputy Director General of General Department of Natural Protection and Conservation of Ministry of Environment. Other members of the Taskforce are:

• Deputy Director General of Local Administration of the Ministry of Interior
• Director of Department of Property of the Ministry of Economy and Finance
• Deputy Director General of General Department of Energy of the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Energy
• Director of Department of Rural Water Supply of the Ministry of Rural Development
• Acting Director of Department of Aquatic Conservation of the Fisheries Administration
• Technical Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Environment
• Director of Department of Wildlife and Biodiversity of Forestry Administration
• Manager of Property of State Conservation Office, Department of Land Conservation of General Department of Land and Geography of Ministry of Land Management Urbanization and Construction

Minutes of Taskforce meetings can be found here