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The Benefit-Sharing Technical Team is to ensure that lessons and experiences from current or previous benefit sharing systems in Cambodia are assessed in the context of REDD+ requirements; and that lessons from similar analyses in other countries are integrated to develop recommendations for a REDD+ benefit sharing system in Cambodia.

  • Terms of Reference (EN)
  • Meeting and documents (Link)
  • The working paper on the Preliminary review and approach to develop a system for allocation of incentives and benefit sharing for REDD+ in Cambodia.

    This is the main report and presents background information, insights and analyses based on research in Cambodia, review of lessons from selected REDD+ countries related to allocation of incentives and benefits. The document outlines key principles and elements that contribute to the design of an effective incentive allocation and benefit sharing system. The paper acknowledges the need for additional research and analyses and suggests that as first step stakeholder consultations should be used to refine the approach and contribute to the National REDD+ Strategy development process in Cambodia (EN).

  • Meeting on Cambodia REDD+ Assessment of Existing Benefit Sharing Models

    1. Presentation on REDD+ Benefit Sharing (EN) & (KH)
    2. Presentation on Benefit Sharing and the Three Es (EN) & (KH)
    3. Presentation on REDD+ Benefit Sharing Definition (EN)
    4. Presentation on Introduction of Benefit Sharing (EN) &  (KH)
    5. Presentation on Community Based Nature Tourism & Nest Protection (EN) & (KH)
    6. Presentation on OM REDD+ BS Consultation Meeting (EN) & (KH)
    7. Presentation on Lessons from a REDD+ Pilot Project in Nepal (EN) & (KH)
    8. Presentation on Experiences from Brazilian Amazon (EN) & (KH)
    9. Presentation on Experiences Payment for Ecosystem Services in Vietnam (EN) & (KH)
    10. Presentation on Experiences with Benefit Sharing in Thailand (EN) & (KH)