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Cambodia’s National REDD+ Project Database

The National REDD+ Project Database is the repository of information on officially recognized REDD+ projects and programs in Cambodia. REDD+ projects (and programs) listed here have been reviewed and accepted through the processes outlined in Sub-decree [xxxx] and Prakas [xxxx].

The overall objectives of this database is to increase the transparency of REDD+ project/program implementation by providing publicly available information… [etc.]

REDD+ Projects Annual Emission Reductions in Cambodia (unit in million tCO2e)


Number of projects


Number of projects
in pipeline


Number of verified Emission Reductions
from 2013 to 2017

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Prakas for REDD+ projects

The Ministry of Environment has implemented a PRAKAS to provide Rules and Procedures for registration of REDD+ projects into the National REDD+ Project Database. The Prakas include the Conditions of Eligibility of upcoming REDD+ projects that are implemented in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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