Innovations in Cambodia’s Forest Management


Recognition of Partnership Forestry (PF) by the Royal Government of Cambodia has been marked as a major step in Cambodia’s decentralized forest management reform. PF is a decentralized approach which the government handover forest management responsibilities to local level of administration, mainly the Commune Council, under partnership with Forestry Administration of Commune. So far, three sites have been proposed as PF – in Pursat, Kratie, and Batambong. The PF in Samroung Commune, Kravanh District, Pursat Province was the first to gain legalization. Followed by a Prakas of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery number 068 dated on 25 January 2017, Forestry Administration and Commune Council of Samroung reached a formal signing agreement on 09 June 2017. The PF in Samroung is composed of three Community Forestry, and covers a total forest land area of 5414 hectares. To ensure effective forest management and its sustainable use, Cambodia REDD+ Programme, with support from UNDP and FCPF, will continue working with Samroung Commune Council to develop PF management plan